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706 W. Monroe St.
Sandusky, OH 44870






(dine-in & delivery)

(dine-in & delivery)

Online Orders end 1 hour before closing.

Cameo Pizza – SanduskyIt All Started Back In 1936, when Mamma Loccoco began serving her family and friends Old World Style Italian Cooking from her kitchen on Monroe Street in Sandusky, OH. Since 1936, Cameo Pizza has been a family-owned business carrying on the tradition of great food, family values, and personal service. This tradition carries over into the quality of our pizza and helps us to produce, what many people believe to be, the best tasting pizza in the industry. Some might say our traditional style of doing things is old fashioned, but we believe it’s the reason why Cameo Pizza was rated, “The Best In Where The Locals Eat.”